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How to give a successful interview

You never have a second chance to make a first impression. The first contact of the candidate with his possible tomorrow professional space is decisive. It starts with the resume, which must be flawless. Spelling and expressive errors, sloppiness, even the layout, are signs of a general lack of attention and interest, which is taken into account. On the contrary, a well-structured and “tasteful” CV creates the first good impression. The interview creates the next ones.

For this reason, the BCA has organized a special service, the Interview Counseling, which operates within the Career Office, to provide guidance to students and graduates. The Interview Counseling trains candidates:

  • On how to make a flawless professional resume.
  • In interview simulations. Our students become familiar with the topics discussed in an interview, they learn to present their personality through them, to weigh the percentage of general and personal information they will give to the first contact, the mixture of formality and intimacy they will adopt, they learn to use the time they have at their disposal, so that their answers are clear and concise. They learn what things they should avoid touching, when they should use a diplomatic dialect, how to negotiate the financial aspect of cooperation.

In addition, BCA organizes special workshops with associate psychologists (internal and external) on topics such as:

  • Extroversion begins from within
  • Introduction to Body Language
  • Micro-facial expressions
  • The power of your voice – Public Speaking
  • Stepping into the Communication Matrix
  • Persuasion Techniques
  • Empowerment Workshop
  • Preparing for an interview
  • Online Interview – Covid-19 Edition

Students and graduates use the digital platform “Career Maker” which acts as a link between the labor market. Candidates upload their CVs there along with their preferences and the platform matches them with the needs of the market as they are “submitted” to it by the partner companies. The Career Office takes care of the professional rehabilitation of BCA graduates, but also for their employment in the context of their internship, during their studies.

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