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Career Fair

The professional development and rehabilitation of BCA graduates is one of the most important goals of the college. The BCA Career Office organizes and hosts a variety of events to assist its students as well as its alumni to gain familiarity with the labor market and discover career opportunities:

  1. Seminars or workshops dedicated to the presentation technique. The construction of  a professional resume, the interview process, and the evaluation of the offered jobs are topics that are analyzed in all their aspects, and our students learn how to create a competitive skill set to be demonstrated during a job interview.
  2. Frequently scheduled visits to large companies, which are useful as our students:
    1. come into contact with many potential future workplaces to gain a clearer picture and
    2. get to know and network with market executives, from whose experience and advice they benefit.
  3. BCA organizes Career Fairs and Networking Days that offer students and graduates the opportunity to “unfold” their academic and personal skills by conducting interviews with executives (mostly HR managers) of well-known Greek and multinational companies.

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BCA Career Days

BCA links studies to the labor market. In the context of this philosophy, its students come in contact, from the first year of their studies, with large Greek and multinational companies and conduct their internship in them. In addition, the Career Days, held every year, aim to help students and graduates to launch a successful and meaningful career.

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