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In today’s globalized world, where people are on the move and business expansion is one of the vital pieces of an organization’s growth strategy, an excellent knowledge of English as well as the knowledge of another foreign language ​is required. The workforce of the future will be the one that will have built a set of interdisciplinary skills.

The BCA Language Centre offers supplementary  English courses and the option of learning a second foreign language, Chinese, leading to recognized degrees.

Students with no certificates or no advanced certificates in the English Language will be offered supplementary intensive English classes in order to be prepared to sit for internationally recognized language certificates.

Why Chinese?

  • 1,4 billion people speak Chinese
  • 200,000 tourists from China arrived in Greece in 2019
  • China Ocean Shipping Group Company Cosco, which manages the port of Piraeus,
    • is the 6th largest cargo ship management company in the world.
    • has over 2000 merchant ships.
    • trades with 1700 international ports worldwide
    • operates in 160 countries.

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