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  • MBA for Executives of Hospitality and Tourism - BCA College
    Hospitality and Tourism Management Department

    MBA for Executives of Hospitality and Tourism

    BCA College > Postgraduate Programmes > Hospitality and Tourism Management Department > MBA for Executives of Hospitality and Tourism

    The MBA that leads to the top

    The turnover of the global hospitality and tourism industry amounts to trillions of dollars and is constantly increasing, creating a great need for specialised executives. An MBA in this field offers excellent career prospects. The MBA for Executives of Hospitality and Tourism is addressed to executives of Hospitality and Tourism companies who wish to enhance their knowledge and business skills, in order to assume positions of responsibility and either rise in their company’s hierarchy or pursue a better job in the market. Since it is aimed at working persons, the programme has been configured accordingly: The full-time programme has a duration of one year, while the part-time programme lasts for two years. E-learning is also an option.

    The MBA covers the following main modules: marketing and digital technology, business economics, accounting and financing, corporate strategy and change management, human resource management and operations management. These concepts are analysed from an international perspective that enhances students’ understanding of the globalised environment. The programme also offers the following optional modules: IT and project management, business ethics and CSR, leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation, e-commerce, negotiations and decision-making. In the context of the course, research skills are developed for the completion of a major dissertation or consulting study that solves a business problem of the student’s choice.

    MBA for Executives of Hospitality and Tourism

    The MBA is awarded by the University of West London (UWL) or the leading Swiss Educational Institutes Glion and Les Roches, with which BCA has a special partnership. Lessons are delivered in English or in Greek.

    Professional executives that do not hold a first degree may be eligible to participate in the programme, provided that they meet certain requirements related to work experience. (The UK study system allows this, as it recognises that more than 2 years of work on a professional subject from a position of responsibility are equivalent to corresponding university studies.)

    Programme characteristics

    1. The programme attaches great importance to the connection between academic theory and practice, using case studies. Distinguished market executives give lectures and speak in seminars and workshops, passing on their experience and know-how.

    2. Optional focus on various topics. Participants can choose an optional module from a list that includes IT and project management, business ethics and CSR, leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation, e-commerce, negotiations and decision-making.

    3. Specialisation in either hospitality or tourism. Participants can select different modules from the core syllabus: a) international tourism industry & hotel management and b) sales management & negotiation in the hospitality and tourism industry.

    4. Spring semester start: Candidates can start their MBA in the spring semester.

    Delivery date(s):​

    October for the Fall Semester or
    February for the Spring Semester


    Full Time – 1 year or
    Part Time – 2 years

    Timetable :​

    Friday evenings and Saturday mornings (2-3 times per month)

    Language of study:

    Greek or English

    Delivery in a language is subject to sufficient student numbers.

    Programme Benefits


    An ideal mix of high-level theoretical and practical knowledge that guarantees the immediate placement of graduates in the job market.


    Distinguished professors with a rich portfolio of publications in the international scientific community, significant experience and excellent relations with the job market.


    Enhanced learning experience with a combination of remote and in-person teaching, workshops, seminars, lectures, best practice analysis and examples taken straight from the market.


    Permanent connection with the job market, with prospects for direct recruitment to managerial positions of responsibility and excellent development prospects at an international level.


    With over 20 years of experience in hospitality and tourism studies, BCA has “produced” leading executives in this field and has been recognised by the market: 1st Prize at the Tourism Awards 2015, College of the Year in 2020.


    MBA degrees from the award-winning University of West London, which is considered an expert in the creation of management executives and is known as a “Career University”.

    University of West London
    Co-curricular Activities
    Entry Requirements

    Studying at BCA, you live in Greece but you are exposed to the learning experience designed and provided by a high-level British or Swiss University and you are awarded the same, Bachelor & Master degrees, awarded to UK and Swiss students., which are recognized in the Greek and international labor market. In addition, you will benefit from the digital technology with the specialized online educational platforms developed by BCA and incorporated into the Blended Learning philosophy.

    The successful course of BCA is certified by the multiple awards it has received during the years of its educational operation. One of the most important prizes was its announcement of being the “COLLEGE OF THE YEAR”, awarded by the Education Leaders Awards Special Committee. More information on the BCA College Awards can be found here.

    At BCA, the classroom is not where a student’s experience ends. It is where it starts. We attach great importance to the multi-faceted education of our students, even in areas that are not within their immediate professional interest but touch upon issues related to society, the environment, science, technology and culture and therefore concern their future role as academic citizens.
    BCA Live is the total of these events. It is often addressed to the general public, because we believe that an educational cell should be open to society and constantly interact with it. Speeches, meetings, seminars, workshops, webinars are elements of life in the BCA and structural parts of its function as a university.

    The applicants who can be admitted to the program are required to have an undergraduate degree or long-term work experience with previous service in a position of responsibility.

    The degrees that are considered sufficient for admission to this program are:

    • a second class honours degree from a UK University, or
    • a Ptychion of 6.0 and above from an AEI University or
    • a Ptychion of 7.0 and above from a TEI University, or
    • a Bachelor from an American University with GPA 2.75 and above or equivalent qualification

    In addition, at least 2 years of relevant professional service are required.

    If applicants do not hold a university degree, but there is significant work experience in a position of responsibility, the applications of these candidates will be evaluated based on their professional experience.

    Candidates have the opportunity to attend the program in either Greek or English. Applicants who choose to attend the programme in English are required to submit one of the following certifications:

    • IELTS: a minimum score of 6.5 (with a minimum score of 5.5 in each component of the test)
    • Cambridge English: Proficiency (CPE): Pass at C1 level
    • Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE): C and above
    • Cambridge English: First (FCE): B and above
    • Examination for the Certificate of Proficiency in English (ECPE): P( Pass) and above
    • Pearson Academic (PTE): 53 (with a minimum score of 51 in each component of the test)
    • BCA IELTS Placement Test : a minimum score of 6.5 (with a minimum score of 5.5 in each component of the test)
    • Other English language qualifications may be considered.

    Intensive English classes are provided to those students who do not meet the English requirements.

    Dr Konstantinidou 150x150

    Programme Manager
    General Manager of BCA

    Dr. Christina Konstantinidou

    Dr Christina Konstantinidou holds a DBA degree in Business Administration from Nottingham Trent University. She received an MBA with Distinction in Business Administration from Kingston University and an MA in Adult Education from the Hellenic Open University.

    Furthermore, she holds a BA Honours First Class in Business Management from Kingston University and a BH Honours First Class in Humanities in European Culture with a full scholarship from the Hellenic Open University.

    She has extended work experience in the hospitality industry. For 23 years, she has worked as the General Manager of Porto Hydra Hotel (a 4-Star, 300 rooms hotel) with numerous awards and global distinctions. She also worked for 3 years as the General Manager of “Time Share Hellas SA” and contributed to the promotion of alternative tourism products/services. For 21 consecutive years, she was a member of the Board of Directors of Akti Plepi S.A., which contributed significantly to the advancement of the tourist destination of the prefecture of Argolida. For 8 years she was the Managing Director of the company “Diachiristiki S.A.”.

    Since 2017 she has worked for BCA College as a member of its academic faculty. In 2018 she took over the Management of the Hospitality & Tourism Management department of BCA, while in 2019, she took over the General Management of BCA College.

    She has extensive educational experience in the private sector. She has been a Module Leader in multiple modules delivered in BCA College in partnership with Plymouth University and in collaboration with the University of West London. Also, she has worked educationally with AGSM and the “University Degli Studio Guglielmo Marconi”.

    She has been a keynote speaker at conferences and workshops of numerous Greek and multinational companies. Furthermore, she has offered several webinars under the Empowered project, powered by kariera.gr and sponsored by 3E-Coca Cola. Moreover, she has delivered multiple lectures on various projects powered by Regeneration and sponsored by Pireaus Bank. At the same time, she has volunteered her services as a mentor related to Youth and Women Empowered under the coordination of 3E-Coca Cola and kariera.gr

    She has published several articles in newspapers and magazines.

    The focus of her interest is on adult education, the new trends of hybrid and blended learning, the digital transformation and the tourism and hospitality sector.

    Programme Structure

    Level Title Notes
    PG Cert Postgraduate Certificate in Business Administration Participants need to obtain 60 credit points
    PG Dip Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration Participants need to obtain 120 credit points
    MBA MBA for Executives of Hospitality and Tourism Participants need to obtain 180 credit points

    The exit awards as well as the criteria for obtaining them:​

    All postgraduate programmes, in addition to the Master’s degree, also offer intermediate –supplementary postgraduate awards, such as the Postgraduate Certificate and the Postgraduate Diploma. These postgraduate titles, which can also be obtained with a degree or honors, are awarded to those students who have completed a part of the postgraduate course.



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