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Recognition of professional qualifications and equivalence of degrees obtained from
colleges in collaboration with foreign universities​

According to the Greek legislation:

  • Asset 1
    the professional qualifications of both Bachelor's (of duration at least 3 years) and Master's degrees, awarded by colleges cooperating with universities of EU member states or a third country, are recognized.
  • Holders of such degrees have the same professional qualifications as those graduated from Greek State Universities.
  • Αναγνώριση Πτυχίου
    Recognition covers both regulated professions (lawyers, engineers, nurses, psychologists) as well as freelancers (Business Administration, Marketing, Shipping, Hotel, Computer Science, etc.), which are the ones taught at BCA.

The graduate can:

  • be hired in the private or public sector on the same terms and conditions that are effective for holders of comparable qualifications earned by state educational institutions.
  • work as self-employed on the same terms and conditions that are effective for holders of comparable qualifications earned by state educational institutions.
  • be recruited in academic positions where higher academic qualifications are required, in particular as professors, researchers and special scientific staff.

A graduate cannot:

  • apply for postgraduate studies at Greek Universities
  • participate in competitions that require DOATAP recognition. The law, however, requires the ASEP announcements to list both types of equivalence: the recognition of DOATAP and the recognition of professional equivalence.


Recognition is not automatic but is done through the ATEEN (Independent Department for the Implementation of European Legislation) at the Ministry of Education.

You will have to submit:
• A photocopy of the degree
• A photocopy of the official transcript or diploma supplement
• The syllabus, which includes a list
of the modules taught, in English, unless ATEEN requires a greek translation.
The photocopies will be certified and officially translated into Greek by the competent authority of the country of origin of the documents, ie, for British Universities the British Council, or by the Translation Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Foreign Ministry’s Translation Department validates and translates official documents, with a special stamp on the back of the translation wherever there is Apostille in the original document. To avoid the inconvenience and expenses of Apostille, opt for the original authentication and official translation by the British Council.

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Below are the laws according to which the professional qualifications of  degrees obtained from colleges in collaboration with foreign universities have been recognized:

  • Law 4635/2019, Articles 168-170, published in Government Gazette 167, Issue A on 30/10/19,
  • Law 4653/2020, Article 50, published in Government Gazette 12, Issue A on 24/01/20.

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