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In a globalised economy, managing a business, even a small one, requires scientific knowledge in a wide range of fields. Economic issues are combined with the management of people, modern marketing uses specialised digital tools, while the competitor of a business in a small Greek town may be located in Slovakia or China. What should company executives know, how should they think and act in a complex world? This is the field of study of the BCA Business department.

BCA, the first college in the country to offer specialised business studies 50 years ago, is now forming executives to successfully meet the demands of the global market. Starting from basic administrative functions, students obtain knowledge and develop skills in areas such as human resource management, marketing, accounting and finance, project management, as well as entrepreneurship and innovation. The objective of the programme is to develop strategic and innovative thinking in business activities. Through the elective courses, the programme allows students to adapt the material to their interests.

Business Management Department

Asset 2
BSc (Hons) Business Management
Τμήμα Διοίκησης Επιχειρήσεων
BSc (Hons) Business Management [Entrepreneurship and Innovation]
BA Business Studies
BSc (Hons) Accounting & Finance
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BSc (Hons) Marketing, Advertising and PR​


Business Management Department

Why choose BCA

  • 50 years of experience
  • Specialised in business studies
  • Connected to the job market
  • UK degree recognised all over the world
  • Blended Learning (Online & on Campus)
  • Option to select language (English or Greek)

The Business Experience

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Businesses in Greece with 10+ employees
Companies that pay more to attract the right talent for their needs
Percentage of companies investing in digital transformation
Greek companies that innovate
Προπτυχιακά Προγράμματα

High Level of Studies

    Δρ. Ζωή Αναγνωστίδου

    Programme Manager

    Dr. Zoi Anagnostidou

    Dr. Zoi Anagnostidou graduated from the Economics Department of the University of Thessaly in 2004. Following, she received a postgraduate degree in Management with Marketing from the University of Bath (UK), and a Ph.D. in Consumer Behaviour from the Athens University of Economics and Business (Department of Marketing & Communications). 

    Since 2008, she has been teaching marketing and communication and has worked as a freelance analyst-consultant on various projects. Her current research interests lie in the area of Consumer Behaviour and Psychology, as well as Corporate Social Responsibility.

    Degree Recognition

    Recognition of professional equivalence of degrees from BCA’s collaboration with British Universities.

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