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BCA aims to link studies to the labor market. In the context of this philosophy, its students come in contact, from the first year of their studies, with large Greek and multinational companies, where some of them can conduct their practical placements. Regarding the hospitality fully paid internships, which are offered during summer, the students of Tourism and Hospitality department are placed in leading hotel companies. For those who are placed in hotels located outside Athens, accommodation and food are also provided.

At the BCA City Campus, there is a simulation of a 5-star hotel, equipped with the most advanced software for customer management, so that our hotel management students can put theory into practice right from the start. Our goal is to prepare our students in order to respond to the demands of the labor market.


BCA students, having a degree from a leading British university in their hands and a skill set that makes them stand out of the crowd, are considered highly employable. The percentage of employed students in the chosen industry sector, one year after obtaining their degree, reaches over 90% whereas in the tourism and hotel management sector reaches 100%. It goes without saying that this is not left to chance. BCA provides continuous guidance, support, and a plethora of digital tools to help its students and graduates pursue their chosen career.

BCA has created institutions (Career Days) and digital tools (IT Support) for a continuous and effective connection of its students and graduates with the labor market.

Contemporary companies’ criterion for selecting an employee is not so much his formal field of study, but his ability to prove that he fully owns his subject and that he is ready to take on a responsible role.

The BCA has set up a well-organized Career Office which works with many large private sector companies, which turn to the BCA annually, in order to recruit graduates.

The Career Office organizes a wide range of workshops and seminars throughout the year, to help students and graduates shape their careers and develop their prospects. A major event of the Career Office is the “BCA Career Day” which is now an institution that gives the opportunity to Greek and multinational companies to meet their future executives.

Despite the financial crisis, the demand for competent and qualified executives in the fields of Business Management, Marketing, Hotel and Tourism Management, Shipping Business Management and Advertising is still higher than supply.


Career Counseling

CV Creation

A candidate’s first contact with his potential future professional workspace begins with the CV, which must be flawless. Spelling, grammar and expressive errors, even in the layout, are indications of a general lack of attention and interest, which is taken into account. On the contrary, a well-structured resume creates a good first impression.

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Interview Coaching

Through interview simulations, our students become familiar with the topics discussed in an interview, learn to present their personality through those topcis, and learn to use the available time effectively, so that their answers are clear and comprehensive.


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Career Days

Every year, BCA organizes the “BCA Career Days” where the leading Greek and multinational companies are given the opportunity to meet their future executives. The demand for capable and qualified executives has a significant response during the “BCA Career Days” event. ​

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Career Opportunities for Graduates

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