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Why should a professional study Business Administration (Business Executives)

It is a great challenge for any professional to combine the academic studies of Business Administration with the daily practice that he has in his work. So he will have the charm after his work environment to be in a collaborative learning environment, but also in practice he will gain more supplies for his professional development.

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Why should a professional study and obtain an MBA for Executives and an MBA for Executives (Hospitality and Tourism)

The MBA for Executives is a program for business executives, managers, professionals and entrepreneurs who want to develop a deeper understanding of Management as well as business organization and management. It is a program that will allow them to develop their knowledge and skills according to the specific goals of their career, while at the same time they can continue to work.

The MBA will help them improve their prospects, increase their chances of advancing in the hierarchy as well as achieve higher salary earnings. The MBA for Executives will offer them better career opportunities to gain professional recognition and international recognition. Finally, those who have business ideas and want to build their own business and become their own boss, will have acquired all the necessary supplies to achieve their goal.

The MBA for Executives (Hospitality and Tourism) also offers a significant specialization in the Hotel and Tourism Industry, for those who wish. The MBA for Executives (Hospitality and Tourism) approaches the Management through the needs and requirements of the Tourism and Hotel Industry. It offers all the necessary knowledge that an executive of the tourism and hotel industry needs to be able to excel in this so growing industry. The program builds on the previous professional experience of the participants, develops their knowledge and skills, creates important connections with the labor market and at the same time promotes them on a career development journey.

The program accepts graduates with professional experience, but also non-graduates with a lot of experience that includes managerial positions of responsibility.

The program is offered in Greek and English, Friday night and Saturday for 12 months full-time or 24 months part-time, and is supported by a dedicated staff, with experienced teachers with high academic and professional qualifications and visiting professors, high market executives, which provide students with a broader picture of business and management activities, and also offer them an alternative perspective on how theoretical strategic concepts can produce real business solutions.

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