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Why study in Greece

Greece is a country of approximately 11 million people, a member of the European Union, the European Monetary Union, and one of the oldest civilisations recorded in human history, spanning over 5,000 years. In the area now labeled as Greece, 3 civilisations (Mycenean, Minoan and Cycladic), 700 city states and one empire (Byzantine) have thrived and have had a marked and lasting influence in the culture, arts and history of the Western Civilisation.

Education and learning in ancient Greece was one of the most important processes, and one of the world’s first Lyceums or proto-Universities were established by esteemed philosophers, whose role was also that of the teacher. Aristotle, Plato and Socrates had all established their own proto-Universities, centers of inquiry, rational thought and science.

Apart from its rich history and tradition, Greece is a land of remarkable beauty, diverse landscapes and one of the world’s most pleasant climates with over 230 days of sunshine per year. Greece has over 1,000 islands of which 230 are inhabited, and one of the world’s longest coastlines.

Tourism, shipping and services provide the majority of its Gross Domestic Product, with 23 million tourists arriving in Greece yearly to enjoy its rich historic sites, sandy beaches and cosmopolitan cities.

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Shipping, Transport and Logistics Department

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English courses

English courses help students gain sufficient English language proficiency in order to be admitted to English taught programs in collaboration with British Universities.

Students develop all four skills – listening, speaking, reading and writing – through a through a range of activities which engage students and allow them to improve English in a thorough and stimulating way. The program also includes visits and activities that help students become familiar with Greek culture.

Useful Information for international students

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International Student Support

We aim to ensure that your experience at BCA Business College of Athens is positive and valuable by providing our continuous support.  We offer ongoing assistance to students and encourage them to integrate with our current International Students as well as the wider community. 

Information on obtaining a student visa

All students applying to BCA Business College of Athens residing from a non-European Union country are obliged to apply for and obtain a student visa. This will enable the student to enter the country and ensure that he or she is legal in Greece.



BCA’s  Student Services Department can assist students coming from abroad and other regions of Greece to find suitable accommodation either in the area of Ampelokipi near the BCA City Campus or in any area of Athens the student wishes.

Airport Welcome Service​​

All international students arriving in Athens shall be greeted by a member of staff who will transport them to their accommodation of choice.


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Admissions Office
Tel: +30 210 7253783
205 Alexandras Avenue, Athens 115 23

Getting to the campus​

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    Transportation Means

On foot
– from the metro station of Ampelokipi: 5 minutes (350 m.)
– from Syntagma Square: 36 minutes (2.6 km) via Deinokratous street

By car
– from Syntagma Square: 10 minutes (3.5 km)

By underground (metro)
– from Syntagma Square: 9 minutes (blue line – M3) to Airport or to Doukissis Plakentias

By public transport
– Trolleys: 14, 18, 19, 19Β
– Buses: 230, Α7, Β5, 550

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There are several parking garages near the campus.


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