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  • Visa Information - BCA College

    Visa Information

    BCA College > Visa Information

    Information on obtaining a student visa

    All students applying to BCA Business College of Athens residing from a non-European Union country are obliged to apply for and obtain a student visa. This will enable the student to enter the country and ensure that he or she is legal in Greece. Applicants that are academically qualified are provided with a Letter of Acceptance confirming the student’s official admission.

    Please note that it is required that the tuition and fees are paid in full by Bank Draft. Upon receipt of the tuition and fees, we will issue and mail the following documents to the student:

    • Official Letter of Acceptance
    • Receipt of Tuition and Fees
    • Official Approval Letter from Greek Ministry of Education

    BCA College​

    205 Alexandras Avenue,
    P.C. 115 23, Athens​
    Tel.: +30 210 7253 783​
    E-mail: info@bca.edu.gr​

    Social Media

    Steps towards applying for a Student Visa

    Students wishing to apply for a student visa are required to contact and schedule an appointment with the Greek Consulate in their country. We recommend that you contact the Greek Consulate as early as possible because the visa application process may delay your admission to BCA Business College of Athens. 

    It is advisable to apply at least ten weeks before your desired entry date. Prior to your appointment, please make sure that you have gathered the necessary documents needed for applying for a visa at the Greek Consulate. Students must contact the Consulate directly to confirm the requirements. 

    In most cases the Greek Consulate requires the following:

    Student’s valid passport & photocopy
    Visa Application Form (provided by the Greek Consulate)
    Official Letter of Acceptance from BCA Business College of Athens
    Official Approval Letter from Greek Ministry of Education
    English Language Certification
    Police clearance document
    Health Certificate from Public Hospital
    Receipt of Tuition and Fees
    Two (2) photographs
    Proof of Health Insurance
    Proof of Accommodation (hotel bookings, or rental agreement)
    Proof of student’s financial status in the form of a bank draft or tax returns. Non-EU travelers must hold visible means of financial support to cover their stay in Greece amounting to € 500 or its equivalent per month.
    Interview with the Consular Officer

    What you need to know

    Please be informed that students are responsible for staying informed about the specific immigration requirements of the Greek Government.

    Acquiring a Residence Permit – Maintaining Legal Status in Greece

    Upon arriving to BCA, you will be required to register with the local immigration office to extend your visa and acquire a Residence Permit. Our Office of International Services will assist and advise you with this process.



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