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The BCA Team

The people working at BCA, either as educators or as administrative staff, represent a common culture characterised by meritocracy and an effort for continuous improvement. For BCA, education is a continuous celebration of culture, which is evident to everyone passing through the college gates.

Professors with a pleasant personality, friendly and supportive, who love what they do, with a real passion to pass on their knowledge and experience to the next generations, in constant “online” communication with the market world, combine high-level theoretical and practical training, offering students a complete picture of their field.

The same concept is shared by the BCA’s administrative staff, from the reception to general management: they are committed to a common vision for a high-quality university education, which is reflected in each little detail of everyday life.

New Staff Welcome Centre

For BCA, investing in people is our most important investment. We select our partners based mainly on their personality. We then invest in them, training them until they become “one” with the college culture. This is why we have created a special service,

the New Staff Welcome Centre, which methodically undertakes this integration, introducing each new partner to the values and functions of the college, whether they are permanently hired or they have selected BCA for their practical training under a specific educational programme.

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