BCA at BTPF – Business Travel Professionals Forum

Τo BCA στο BTPF - Business Travel Professionals Forum

BCA at BTPF – Business Travel Professionals Forum.

The most important hotel B2B event.

BCA participated, with great success, in the most important corporate B2B event in Greece, the Business Travel Professionals Forum (BTFP).

This event was organized by SWOT | Hospitality, on November 25-26, 2021, at the Grant Hyatt and brought in contact the best…. with the best. The leading hotel complexes of our country had the opportunity to talk and conclude agreements with the most important multinational companies, Travel Agents and Tour Operators from Greece and abroad.

The knowledge and professionalism of the students of the hotel department of BCA College was highly appreciated by the organizers as they were assigned two key services: they were responsible for the reception of the guests and participated in the secretarial support of the BTPF event, leaving great impressions on organizers and visitors.

BCA participates in every major professional event in its fields of study, as it believes that academic education should be in constant interaction with the labor market, while students, from the very first year of study, should have a lot of experience and a clear picture of the professional space in which they will pursue a career.

BCA welcomes the high performance and professionalism of the students of the hotel department, thanks them for the impeccable way in which they represented the quality and level of the College and congratulates them for the excellent impressions they left on organizers and visitors.


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