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Parents and Guardians

If you are a parent or guardian of a student or prospective student, here you will find all the information to get an overview of the operation of the BCA. We are always at your disposal, for further information and for a personal tour of the City Campus of BCA, which you can schedule by calling the Secretariat at 2107253782.

Observance of all necessary measures against COVID-19

Until the end of the pandemic, the BCA operates in accordance with government decisions. During lockdown periods, lessons are done normally, but remotely. Using the advanced online teaching platform, our students do not miss a single minute of class, while at the same time they can complete their assignments, interact with fellow students and teachers and access the library and databases of BCA and affiliates.

When the lesson is done in physical presence, all the prescribed measures are meticulously observed:

– Thermometer is measured at the entrance
– The use of a mask is mandatory
– Hand disinfectant liquid is present in all areas
– There is daily general disinfection of public areas and frequent, during the day, disinfection of surfaces that are used or touched more often (toilets, handrails, knobs, elevator buttons, device switches, keyboards, etc.)
– Is there a doctor on alert?
– Students in a room are, at most, 12
– The necessary distances are observed everywhere – and in the classrooms.

No matter how the deliveries are conducted, the curriculum is implemented without any gaps or delays and the exams are done on time.

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Guardian Information ​

Useful BCA information for guardians:

A large and hospitable lounge area is the “heart” of the social life of BCA, while an innovative multipurpose space – amphitheater, is used for events, lectures, performances and is the center of cultural life and entertainment of students.

BCA provides (free) seminars, workshops, events, Master Classes which are also accessible to guardians.

A student and each teacher is provided with a personal webmail account for direct communication.

The BCA can help students find housing close to the college, especially for those from the District or abroad. Takes care of their adaptation and their smooth integration into their new life.

A coffee bar at BCA that serves light quality meals and sandwiches at low prices meets the needs of catering and social contact.

Barcode for the entry of students in the BCA which at any time gives a picture to the Directorate of who are in college and the time of arrival or departure of each.



Library – BCA’s academic communication center with all university knowledge, worldwide. Thousands of books and magazines are available to students, which they can borrow and study at home. In addition, students have access to the BCA’s online library with an extensive database.


Secretariat – In addition to the standard organizational tasks, the Secretariat offers the possibility of live chat with students or guardians for any information or for immediate resolution of a problem that may arise.


Academic support – Gives guidance to students to complete their assignments. Helps them with academic references (references & index citation) in Harvard format, how to organize their work and trains them in the correct structure of reports, essays & projects.


Digital world – BCA provides (free of charge) all technical programs and various innovative and useful applications (Microsoft office, TEAMs, Skype for Business).

BCA app. mobile application for the program (lessons, time, lecturer, class) for seminar updates, workshops, events, Master Classes and for notifications for absences.


Department of Computerization – Serves students for all the issues they may face at the beginning or during their studies and for access to iLearn applications, webmail, BCA app, TEAMs.


Versatile education of its students with seminars, workshops, events, Master Classes that cover many areas useful to a professional: psychology, communication, sales, persuasion techniques, body language, interview technique, etc. They are optional and provided free of charge to BCA students and graduates.


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