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Studying human behavior

For some, psychology is a science that needs help when “something is wrong.” Wrong. Psychology is the study of human behavior and the factors, external and internal, that shape it. It has application in dozens of professional fields. A human resources manager must have the knowledge of psychology to hire and utilize his or her company employees, to motivate them, and to shape the environment that will maximize their performance. An advertiser must have psychological knowledge to use codes recognizable by the public in communicating a product or service. A salesperson must have psychological knowledge to identify and satisfy the needs of his customers. There is no human activity, professional or social, that does not benefit from the study of psychology.

Another misconception is that psychologists speak vaguely, difficult to understand and mainly theoretically. This is not the case either. The psychologist, as a consultant in a wide range of areas, will come up with practical, understandable and immediately applicable suggestions that improve people’s mood, performance and the quality of their relationships.

Thus, psychology studies is the passport to a professional career claims in many professional categories. That is why, for years, it has been established as a subject taught in many serious universities around the world.

One of them is the award-winning University of West London, which BCA College works with. The Historical College, which has completed half a century of offering business studies, offers psychology studies, which lead to a Bachelor’s degree, the exact same degree awarded to students in London.

The curriculum is designed according to the standards of the British Psychological Society and studies human behavior, formal and informal, in ordinary as well as in extreme cases: emotion, thinking, motivation, the brain’s contribution to behavior, the interaction between individual and society, behavioral differences between individuals, behavioral disorders, and psychopathology.

MSc students in Psychology become familiar with the scientific method of data collection and analysis (applied quantitative statistics), while acquiring critical thinking skills, studying and applying various psychological examples to solve problems.

Graduates can work as psychologists but also in other areas of Economics, where understanding or guidance of human behavior is required: consulting or administrative services, social services, marketing, sales, advertising, education.

They can also specialize by pursuing postgraduate studies in individual areas of psychology, such as clinical psychology, counseling psychology, forensic psychology, mental health, educational psychology, developmental psychology, career guidance, and neuropsychology.

Studies take place at the BCA City Campus on Alexandras Avenue. Students can choose Greek or English as their language. 

All students have access to the BCA e-learning system with which they attend classes and participate, even if they are not in the classroom.

BCA works with companies and organizations, such as the Open Psychotherapeutic Center, the International School of Athens, Aktios, etc., which offer students the opportunity for internships and valuable work experience during their studies, while the excellent ones ensure job at the International School of Athens.

Psychology Department

MSc in Psychology (Conversion Programme)
MSc in Child Development and Educational Psychology (Educational Psychology)
MSc in Child Development and Educational Psychology (Child Development)

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Department of Psychology

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  • 50 years of experience
  • Specialised in business studies
  • Connected to the job market
  • UK degree recognised all over the world
  • Blended Learning (Online & στο Campus)
  • Option to select language (English or Greek)
Businesses in Greece with more than 10 Employees
Higher salaries offered by larger companies than the small ones (<10 employees) in Greece
of Businesses Invest in Digital Transformation
Innovative Greek Companies

Programme Manager​

Dr. Anna K. Touloumakos

Dr. Touloumakou graduated with a degree in Philosophy, Education and Psychology (major in Psychology) from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. She also completed an MA in Educational Psychology/Psychometrics at New York University, NY, US as a scholar of Stamatis Foundation, and an MSc in Counselling & Career Guidance at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. After working for some time with European and Nationally funded research projects, she completed her PhD (DPhil) in Educational Psychology, at the SKOPE Centre, University of Oxford, UK as a scholar of the State Scholarship Foundation and the Economics and Social Research Council. 

She undertook post-doctoral research regarding language skills among children with adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) who live in institutions (compared to matched peers) as a State Scholarship Foundation scholar between 2017-2019, at the Department of Primary Education, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Dr. Touloumakou has been teaching Educational Psychology, and Developmental Psychopathology at Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences since 2016. She specialises in adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and the implementation of trauma-informed practices in schools to support children with ACEs.

University of West London​

The University of West London, known as the Career University, draws on a heritage of over 150 years in teaching and professional education. Over the years, leading academic institutions, career-specific training providers and industry specialists have come together to make UWL what it is today – a university dedicated to your career.

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