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We offer modern undergraduate programmes and teaching experience that meet the needs of the labor market, we have invested in cutting-edge facilities and infrastructure, we provide training from renowned academic professionals in various specialties and we collaborate with leading Universities in the UK.
Our goal is to establish ourselves as the most esteemed institution of undergraduate and postgraduate studies in the rapidly developing region of the Balkans and Southeastern Europe.

Departments of study

Business Management
Shipping, Transport and Logistics
Hospitality & Tourism Managment

Why Choose BCA


  • Blended Learning (Online & on Campus)
  • Classes attendance at a time and place of your choice
  • UK degree recognised all over the world
  • Option to select language (English or Greek)
education awards stickers 2020_ΚΟΛΛΕΓΙΟ ΤΗΣ ΧΡΟΝΙΑΣ

Ms. Anna Diamantopoulou, the president, and 36 members of the Education Leaders Awards Special Committee, which provides annual recognition to outstanding contributions to the Greek  Education community, were assigned an extremely difficult task this year as they were asked to evaluate more than 200 nominations from each educational level, and to award prizes to institutions and instructors from the  Public and Private sector who stood out for the quality of their services.

BCA College was awarded one of the most important awards of the competition as “COLLEGE OF THE YEAR” as well as the award of “EXPERIENCED – INTERACTIVE LEARNING


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Προπτυχιακά Προγράμματα

What do you plan to study?

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If you are not yet sure what you want to study, don’t be afraid.
Contact us, talk to renowned academics and find out which fields suit you.
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Degree Recognition

Recognition of professional equivalence of degrees from BCA’s collaboration with British Universities.

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