Academics and professionals told us…

At BCA, we host, on an annual basis, distinguished personalities from the academic field, successful professionals, and entrepreneurs, as well as many BCA alumni, who are making a brilliant international career.

Each time, the speakers intrigue our imagination, enrich our knowledge, and share with us their own thoughts and beliefs. All these speakers have inspired us to continue with the same commitment and quality, to dream and to aim high. Here are some excerpts from their speeches…

  • “BCA has actively proven its excellency in Maritime Studies, as most of its graduates are quickly absorbed by the industry.

    Personally, the last few years I have hired many BCA graduates and I am pleased with their performance.”

    Nikos Vernikos
    Shipowner- President of International Chamber of Commerce, 11/3/2015, Speech at BCA
  • “The human factor plays a great role in the development of tourism.

    The past years, skills and knowledge have advanced thanks to tourism studies, which I consider necessary for every employer within the tourism industry.”

    Georgios Drakopoulos
    Former General Manager SETE 1/11/2013 Speech at BCA
  • “The European Union has many programmes which support young entrepreneurs, but bureaucracy in Greece does not enable their full capitalisation. Undoubtedly Business Administration studies are an asset, which young individuals can use to grasp these opportunities.”

    Giorgos Papanikolaou
    Former Member of the European Parliament- Mayor of Glyfada, 27/2/2014, Academic talk at BCA
  • “Despite the recession, there should be optimism, creativity and continuity. Economy repeats itself […] so we have to be prepared to enter the market and grab the opportunity.

    Because there are always opportunities.”

    Konstantinos Pipilis
    CEO EVOMAT, Graduate of BCA Business Management with Finance ’99, 16/1/2015 Speech at BCA
  • “I believe that BCA’s Online MSc in Shipping covers important aspects facing today’s Shipping companies. It also does so in a friendly, well designed learning environment which I haven’t yet seen from other shipping programmes. The programme is designed with an easy to use learning environment which should help future executives in their understanding of the industry and its many facets. Congratulations.”

    Dr. George Gratsos
    President of the Hellenic Chamber of Shipping


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