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Life at BCA

BCA college wants to ensure that its programs constantly meet the needs of a changing market. For this reason, BCA organizes a plethora of co-curricular activities and events. The curriculum is further enriched with industrial visits, seminars and lectures held during the year in parallel with the lectures. These events bridge the academic theory taught in classrooms with modern professional and field practice, transfer students’ know-how and expertise in real time, and connect them with renowned executives, entrepreneurs, and key people in their field. Additionally, BCA aims to bring students from various departments closer through joint sporting and cultural activities organized in each academic year.

Since we live in a digital era, the learning process is not limited to the physical classroom. At BCA, we use iLearn, a fully equipped e-learning platform. Our lecturers upload educational material, notes, presentations and any source of information that is useful in the educational process, whereas students download the material, raise questions in the discussion forum and submit their assignments electronically.

ILearn is a comprehensive e-learning platform used daily by BCA College students. It is accessible from Smartphone and Tablet.

Speeches / Conferences

BCA College students have the opportunity to attend frequently lectures delivered by business or market executives, distinguished in business-related disciplines, who, by analyzing specific topics, pass on their experience and knowledge. Students can ask questions and participate in the discussions that follow.


The lectures of the Visiting Speakers are a very useful tool of the educational process, as the scientific knowledge is combined with successful professional practice and our students have a firsthand view of their future career field!


During the academic year, BCA organizes seminars for its students and graduates with the aim of providing specialized knowledge by its professors as well as by renowned professionals in various fields.

Industrial visits/practicals

BCA frequently organizes industry visits to companies, factories, ships, ports, hotels, restaurants and other business premise, which are an integral part of the academic curriculum. Students are exposed to real working environments, giving them the opportunity to identify different  business operations and practices, as each company has its own philosophy and corporate culture.

The tours are conducted by high-ranking executives of the companies and include information about the structure and operation of each company and discussion with students on many issues of theoretical and practical nature.

These experiences are analyzed in the classrooms through real “scenarios”, which help students enhance their critical thinking and decision-making skills.

Students, thus, broaden the image of the professional field they have chosen, make acquaintances and create a network, elements valuable for their future career. Many of our students have pursued their careers, as graduates, in companies they had visited during the industrial visits of their department.

These industrial visits are organized by all the departments and involve students of undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

Sporting Activities

A plethora of sporting activities is offered at BCA. In the new campus, our students have the opportunity to play table tennis and table soccer, climb the inner climbing wall, and host friendly video game tournaments.

The two sports teams of BCA with continuous distinctions in the annual inter-college tournaments are the basketball and football teams. BCA organizes two annual internal football championships 5×5 and basketball and then the winning teams participate in the annual inter-college tournament of the Association of Greek Colleges and the UNILEAGUE championship. The BCA basketball team has won a series of titles in the last 20 years.

BCA Drama Society

BCA Drama Society was founded in fall, 2013 and since then it has put on six successful performances.

It consists of students from a variety of programs offered at BCA, such as Business, Marketing, Hospitality and Shipping, with an interest in performing. It aims to familiarize them with the art of drama and to help them develop creativity, self-expression as well as their verbal and nonverbal skills.

BCA Nights-out

BCA takes care for the entertainment of its staff and students organizing with success throughout the years, nights of absolute fun and escape from everyday life. An important event  is the Annual Dinner, which is organized every year in a different restaurant offering a high gastronomic experience.


Many great excursions have been organized throughout the history of BCA to beautiful places in Greece and abroad. The students of BCA can experience great moments of fun, while they get to know new places and different cultures. Through these excursions, our students develop friendships and a spirit of teamwork that will help them both in their personal as well as their future professional lives.

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