Digital Applications

Digital Applications

BCA offers a range of innovative digital tools to help you organize your student life better and make the most out of your time. In addition, its IT department is responsible for updating the programs and providing support to students and BCA staff.

Our IT staff  are at your disposal to resolve any question or problem you may have and guide you in order to use all our electronic applications and digital tools effectively. Below, you can see in detail the operation of each application. For any problem or question, please contact the head of the IT department:

Student Portal

The student portal is a website, which helps students organize their college life. They can find a variety of useful information such as the following:

  • Timetables
  • Announcements
  • Grades
  • Records of Absences
  • Request forms
  • Elective modules enrollment

Since learning goes beyond the classroom, we have incorporated the widely known Moodle platform into the teaching process. iLearn is a fully equipped e-learning platform which is used by BCA students on a daily basis. There, lecturers upload their notes, presentations and other study material which contributes effectively to the teaching process. Students can download this information, ask questions, discuss the material and submit their assignments electronically. iLearn can be accessed via Smartphone and Tablet at

Microsoft Office 365 for Education​

Since the summer of 2012 both our staff and students enjoy the Office 365 for Education services. All students have a account, which allows them to access their cloud services (e.g. Outlook E-mail, OneDrive, etc.) from everywhere and via every device. Office 365 also offers online collaboration services through Lync.

Career Maker

The BCA Career Maker platform is a highly innovative and useful platform that automatically connects our students and graduates with the job market. Students and graduates can post their CVs and search for job postings, while companies can access a large database of our students’  CVs and look for candidates depending on the desired soft and hard skills. With the posting of each ad, students and graduates who have the qualifications required by the ad, receive notification and come in direct contact with the concerned company.

Ψηφιακές Εφαρμογές
IT Services

Developments in IT and communications play a significant role in the quality of education as they offer students a unique experience which introduces them to the requirements of modern academic and work environments. At BCA we invest continuously in up-to-date equipment and innovative electronic services.

Ψηφιακές Εφαρμογές
Mobile App

The BCA College Mobile App  is an easy-to-use mobile app which has been designed to facilitate students’ academic life at the College. A dynamic timetable informs them of their classes, the hours and the classrooms on a daily basis, and with push notifications they are immediately aware of any changes or other updates.

Internet Access

A dedicated fiber optic line allows a high-speed internet access to all students and staff. Cisco infrastructure ensures security and reliability. The HP Aruba Wi-Fi Access Points, located in various spots within the Campus, provide uninterrupted connectivity to all. Advanced security (Firewall) and quality of service (QoS) settings configure a stable network context.

IT Support

IT managers are at your disposal to resolve any questions you may have regarding:

  • Technical problems related to wireless internet service, PCs and printing services
  • Your username and password, which are necessary for the services of ilearn, webmail
  • The use of ilearn, Portal and BCA App.
Video Archive

In our Video Archive, you will find videos from BCA’s recent and past activities such as  graduation ceremonies, lectures, seminars, events, statements of students and graduates, speeches of market executives who started their careers from BCA and useful material from other co-curricular activities organized by BCA.


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