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BCA Alumni Society​

BCA has a total of more than 6000 graduates.  They build a career in the whole business spectrum in Greece and abroad. The main goal of the BCA alumni society is to maintain and strengthen the bonds of the BCA alumni and create a strong network among the members of the “Society”.


The mutual support of the members for the promotion of their career is of great importance to us.  BCA has created a series of online platforms that directly and reliably connect students with the best Greek and multinational companies, ensuring the immediate and smooth absorption of our graduates. All graduates can use the services of BCA, no matter how many years have passed since their graduation.

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Career Office​​

BCA has created a well-organized Career Office which collaborates with many large private sector companies which turn to BCA each year in order to recruit our graduates.

Career Days​​

Every year, BCA organizes the “BCA Career Fair” where the leading Greek and multinational companies are given the opportunity to meet their future executives. The demand for capable and qualified executives has a significant response during the “BCA Career Fair” event. ​

Graduation Ceremony

Each graduation ceremony is a special moment in the life of every BCA student. It is the end of a hard four-year effort, full of pleasant memories, but it also signifies the beginning of each graduate’s professional career or postgraduate studies.


Degree Recognition

Recognition of professional equivalence of degrees from BCA’s collaboration with British Universities.

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