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How you can create a successful CV 

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. As a candidate, your first contact with your possible workplace of tomorrow is decisive. It starts from the creation of a CV, which must be flawless. Spelling and syntax errors and sloppiness (even if only in the layout) are indications of a lack of attention and interest in general, which is noted. On the contrary, a well-structured and “tasteful” CV creates the first good impression. The interview creates the following ones.

For these reasons, BCA has set up a special service, Interview Consulting, which operates within the Career Office and provides guidelines to students and alumni. Interview Consulting trains candidates in:

  • Creating a flawless professional CV.
  • Interview simulations. Our students get familiar with the topics discussed in an interview, learn to present their personality through them, weigh the ratio of general and personal information they will disclose the first time, the formality – familiarity mix they should adopt; they also learn to use the time available to them in order to provide clear and comprehensive answers. They learn the things they should avoid mentioning, when to use diplomacy, how to negotiate the economic aspect of cooperation.

BCA also organises special workshops with psychologists (working in-house or external partners) on a variety of topics, indicatively:

  • Extroversion starts from within 
  • Introduction to Body Language
  • Facial micro-expressions 
  • The power of your voice – Public Speaking 
  • Stepping into the Communication Matrix 
  • Persuasion Techniques 
  • Empowerment Workshop 
  • Preparing for an interview
  • Web-based interview – The Covid-19 Edition

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