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Corporate Social Responsibility

BCA College has incorporated corporate social responsibility activities into its operation, as we believe that this is the essence of real Education. We work with environmental organizations and charities, to support initiatives that address

the most relevant environmental and social issues of our time. We also participate in activities that protect and highlight the environment, natural or urban. Below are some of our most recent collaborations.

Scholarships for fire victims

The fires are slowly being extinguished, leaving behind human tragedies. But the one that must never be extinguished is the flame in people’s souls for a better tomorrow. And especially young people.

The fire-affected students saw their houses reduced to ashes. Let’s not let the same happen to their dreams. That’s why BCA College, participating in the nationwide fire relief effort, is offering a 60% scholarship for students from fire-affected areas. In addition, it offers a full scholarship to two fire-stricken and distinguished high school graduates, one from Evia and one from the Peloponnese, giving them the opportunity to study completely free of charge. Beneficiaries should contact us at +30 2107253783 or by sending an email to

The wounds of this tragedy must be closed with the contribution of us all.

“Elpida” (Hope) Association of Friends of Children with Cancer

ELPIDA was founded by a group of sensitized women, pioneered by the current president of the Association, Marianna V. Vardinogianni. With vision, planning and a lot of methodical work, the members of the Association gave real hope to hundreds of children, helping them fight and defeat cancer.

“ELPIDA” created a model Bone Marrow Transplant Unit, a guest house that hosts children from outside the capital with their families for the duration of their treatment, and the first Pediatric Oncology Hospital in Greece. At the same time, Elpida has a rich scientific, cultural and humanitarian activity at national and international level and has been honored with high honors, such as the Volunteer Action Award from the Academy of Athens (1997) and the Golden Cross of the Order of Mercy by the President of the Hellenic Republic Mr. Konstantinos Stefanopoulos (2002).

BCA has been an early supporter of the work of the ELPIDA association, as one of the permanent sponsors of its action.

"Equal Society" Non profit organization

The Equal Society is a non-profit organization that supports people who are suffering or in need. It strengthens social solidarity through a series of actions. One of the organization’s significant actions is the creation of educational opportunities for children from financially weak families.

BCA College offers two scholarships each year to help these children make their dreams come true.

Tree planting in Penteli

Tree planting in a highly urban environment such as Attica has a double benefit: both for nature and for humans. When organized by an educational institution, there is another benefit: students make environmental protection one of their priorities, and this value accompanies them throughout their professional lives, dictating their choices.

Every year BCA organizes tree planting, with species that thrive in the climate of Attica, in various parts of the capital. The most recent was in Penteli.

“AFIS” Recycling Bins

The “AFIS” company was founded in March of 2004 and operates as a non-profit organization with the aim of collecting and recycling portable batteries, so that the national goal, as provided by European and Greek Legislation, is achieved. In addition, it informs citizens about the importance of social awareness in protecting the environment.

BCA participates in the AFIS program as one of the batteries’ recycling points.

Voluntary Blood Donation

Blood donation is an act of social solidarity and of high sense of duty that literally saves lives.

BCA college organizes voluntary blood donations, once a year, with the participation of teachers, students and administrative staff.


AXA supports SOS Children's Villages by offering a Scholarship to BCA College

AXA Insurance offered SOS Children’s Villages a full scholarship with the support of BCA College.

True to its strategy of responsible and anthropocentric action, AXA Insurance continues to implement a series of initiatives aimed at developing an equal and sustainable society. As part of the actions implemented during the Corporate Responsibility Week 2020, the company gave the opportunity to a young girl that SOS Children’s Villages support, to carry out the studies she dreams of. BCA College aided this important movement of support and recognition of SOS Children’s Villages’ project.

The 21,000 euro scholarship was unanimously given by the Evaluation Committee of the three organizations to a young woman aged 19, whose family had been affected by the financial crisis and had needed, since 2015, the help of the Child and Family Support Center in Kypseli.

Mr. Errikos Moatsos, CEO of AXA Insurance stated: “With this initiative we give the opportunity to a young member of our society to implement her life plans and to chart the future she dreams of, starting with a remarkable academic course. This is an important social synergy, which is inextricably linked to the mission of AXA to support human progress by protecting what is worthwhile. “We are very proud to work with two great organizations, SOS Children’s Villages and BCA College, with whom we share common values ​​and human goals.”

During the scholarship award ceremony that took place on Monday, 12th of October at the BCA College Auditorium, Mr. Konstantinos Sourikas, General Secretary of SOS Children’s Villages said on the occasion of the award: “We were particularly pleased at SOS Children’s Villages to accept the important decision of AXA Insurance, which has been supporting our work for 14 years, to offer a scholarship for full study in one of the fields of study that BCA College offers, for a child that we protect and support. With this scholarship, AXA Insurance gives the opportunity to children, who for various social reasons do not have equal opportunities in their lives, to study with the aim of a safer and more meaningful future both for themselves and for our country. “

In closing, Mr. Harris Daskalakis, CEO of BCA College said: “Our society proves that, despite its problems, it continues to cultivate the values ​​of solidarity, offering to fellow human beings, caring for its young members, especially those who faced more difficulties at the beginning of their lives. “We welcome our new student to the large European BCA family and are committed to providing her with the supplies that will make her independent, autonomous and successful.”


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