Blended Learning

Blended Learning​

Blended learning is a technologically advanced system of studies that combines physical presence with distance learning and is enriched with interactive assignments, role-playing, seminars, industry visits, lectures of top executives from the global market, workshops, exercises, and case studies so that the course is a multifaceted experiential experience.

Long before the pandemic broke out, BCA developed a digital platform for online courses and academic activities to serve postgraduate students working or living outside Athens. Now, this feature is available to everyone, with new, highly advanced technological applications that offer many “tools” for online collaboration, research, and access to university and professional databases worldwide.

The BCA digital platform simulates the classroom dynamics as it is fully interactive. This means that you can participate as if you were in a classroom. The blended learning application offers you the possibility, when your physical presence is not possible (not only due to coronavirus or illness, but also due to bad weather, strikes, or personal and professional obligations), not to miss a single lecture and academic activities. In addition, in postgraduate courses, all lectures are filmed and “uploaded” to the application. Thus, you can have access, at any time, to the taught lectures.

Blended learning creates added value to your studies, creating a rich “bouquet” of educational methods that, in addition to being of high academic quality, are enjoyable, have diversity and alternation, offering a complete learning experience.


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A new education
for a new era​

The Blended Learning system is a BCA innovation that upgrades the level of studies and facilitates its students’ the daily life. This is the opportunity offered by the BCA so that part of the studies can be delivered remotely.

Blended Learning Innovations

It combines synchronous with asynchronous learning

It combines onsite with online learning

It combines live streaming with video recorded educational material and teaching

Direct and varied way of communication between students and teachers, through Teams, Zoom, Live Chat, etc.

It offers students freedom in choosing the time and location  they will attend the educational material (asynchronously), while offering them a structured educational program where they can interact in real time (synchronous).

  • It offers in several classes structured co-teaching delivered by two instructors with different academic and professional backgrounds and experience, who combine the most up-to-date academic knowledge with the best practices of modern business.
  • Rich educational interactive material through the iLearn platform.
  • A variety of educational methods and tools with the use of case studies, speeches of professional experts, a large number and variety of formative evaluations, etc.
  • Teaching is delivered either in Greek or in English, depending on the language of choice of the student.
  • bl_as_5
    Offers a recognized degree from an excellent British University, the University of West London, named the Best Modern Business School in London.
  • bl_as_6
    High level academic staff, but also the best executives in the labor market.
  • bl_as_7
    It gives the undergraduate students of the Department of Tourism & Hospitality Management the opportunity to either complete all of their studies at BCA or spend the first three years at BCA, obtaining the Diploma of the University of West London and completing the Bachelor with studies in Switzerland , Spain or England obtaining a degree from the best universities in the world.
  • It offers direct connection with the labor market and internship in the best Greek and multinational companies.


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