Chinese Language

Εκμάθηση Κινεζικής Γλώσσας

The BCA Language Centre offers the option of learning a second foreign language, Chinese, leading to recognized degrees.

Chinese is the No. 1 emerging language in the world as it is spoken by over 1 billion people. China is playing a leading role in the global economic scene and for this reason, knowledge of Chinese will be a competitive advantage in the labor market and especially in sectors such as trade, tourism, information technology, and shipping.

Learning Chinese is a unique learning experience, a journey into a different culture with a history of over 5000 years, and a valuable asset to a career with better development prospects.

Why Chinese?

  • 1,4 billion people speak Chinese
  • 200,000 tourists from China arrived in Greece in 2019
  • China Ocean Shipping Group Company Cosco, which manages the port of Piraeus,
    • is the 6th largest cargo ship management company in the world.
    • has over 2000 merchant ships.
    • trades with 1700 international ports worldwide
    • operates in 160 countries.