Beverage Skills and the Universe of Wine

This module will examine and explores a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages; regarding production, quality, legal constraints, social context, historical, economic, marketing, and service skills. 

Furthermore, students will understand the importance of the beverage industry to the local, national and international economy as well as the role of marketing in the beverage sector.

  • Distillation, Fermentation, Vinification Techniques
  • Grapes (Wines & Champagnes)
  • Alcohol Liquors Fundamental ( Gin, Rum, Whisky, Tequila, Cognac, Cachaca, Sake, etc)
  • Coffee, tea and other Extracts
  • Bar Design & Layout
  • Beverage Labeling
  • Beverage Cost Control
  • Beverage Selling & Upselling
  • Bar Guest Complaint Recovery
  • Beverage Menu Development


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