Warehouse Systems and Global Transportation Management

This unit is designed to focus on the warehousing & transportation strategic management practices and techniques and their effect on the performance of the supply chain. It relates the warehousing and transportation strategy to the alleviation of problems encountered in real world business today. The key concepts addressed are the strategic role of warehousing, the rational of warehousing activities, the framework of basic warehousing decisions, the warehousing activities requiring space in the warehouse design, the public versus private warehouse services regulation and pricing, the number of warehouses needed in a logistics system and their location, the efficient utilisation of warehouse theory to effective practice, the relationship of warehouses to the global transportation network, the relationship of the warehouses and the transportation means to the types of goods warehoused and transported, the demand and supply of transport, the external costs of transport and the internalisation of them, the characteristics of the various transportation modes, the network and cost analysis of transportation system, the transportation infrastructure and equipment, the intermodal transportation, the logistics transportation problems, the transportation rates and decision analysis, the offshoring and reshoring decisions and their impact on transportation management.


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