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  • Leading Growth, Driving Expansion - Owner Management Program - BCA College

    Leading Growth, Driving Expansion – Owner Management Program

    BCA College > Executive Education > Leading Growth, Driving Expansion – Owner Management Program

    Essential Human Resources-Talent Seekers & Keepers​

    A joint program between BCA College Athens and Sommet Education (Glion and Les Roches) on HR Management, which will provide a series of transferable knowledge through groupwork, discussions and practical experience, to implement upon the return to the workplace. An opportunity to come together in an inspiring learning environment.​






    BCA City Campus
    Λεωφόρος Αλεξάνδρας 205
    Αθήνα Τ.Κ. 115 23​​

    +30 210 7253 783​
    +30 210 7251563​


    Seminar Structure

    November 29​
    Workforce Planning and Talent Management​

    The Workforce planning session will assist you to create a link between strategic goals and effective execution and enables you to make evidence – based justifications for resourcing as well as highlighting areas your organization needs to address.​
    The talent Management session will provide you with an insight into the value of effectively using a succession planning framework to retain your talent and create a
    resourceful pipeline within your organization.

    Learning Outcomes: ​

    • Understand the core HR components of modern workforce planning to ensure alignment.​
    • Review the skill set required for each roles in line with your strategy.​
    • Overcome challenges to effective workforce planning and build on enablers.​
    • Understand how to identify and keep your talent in your organization and how they can be developed for
      future roles.​
    • Use the 9 Box Matrix as a succession planning analytical tool.​
    • Conduct an effective talent review discussion including individual development plans.​

    November 30
    Interview Techniques and Managing Performance​

    The interview techniques session will help you to develop and enhance your interview skills. You will discover the 15 tips to successful interviewing and how to effectively use competency-based questions and the STAR techniques during the interview.​The managing performance session will provide you with the skills to assess team performance and select appropriate methods to coach individual in order to energize performance and understand employee’s mindset to keep them engaged.​

    Learning Outcomes: ​

    • Recognize how to successfully prepare for an interview.​
    • Exhibit how to effectively interview candidates using the competency-based interview techniques.​
    • Demonstrate the formulation personalized competency-based questions incorporating the STAR Techniques.​
    • Understand the 7 factors that influence workplace performance.​
    • Identify key scenarios in which performance management is crucial and select appropriate techniques to manage employee retention.​
    • Facilitate a performance concern conversation using the 2-minute challenge technique.​

    The Experiential Flow

    A program which will provide you with a series of transferable
    knowledge through groupwork, discussions and practical experience, to implement upon your return to your workplace.​

    Essential Human Resources - Talent Seekers & Keepers

    Pre – work​

    Setting the Scene​
    Your mind set would be put in concept
    of the program with a virtual kick-off meeting and some pre-program reading.​


    Learn, Develop & Evolve​

    You will embrace yourself in a journey to increase your knowledge and skill set.​


    Review Action Plan​

    You will adapt and execute into
    realization as you​ Implement ideas
    and take – aways.​

    Meet The Faculty Team

    Sommet Education Overview

    Our approach is characterized by an exceptional student experience, fantastic locations, great facilities and world-class tuiti9on. Our institutions believe in the transformative power of the shared educational experience. It is the combination of these factors that enable us to shape and develop future leaders, those with the ability and confidence to shape tomorrow’s world.​

    Sommet Education is a world leading hospitality education group that offers students and partners access to the very latest thinking and practices from across the hospitality and experiential sectors.​

    2 Institutions​

    Glion Institute of Higher Education​
    Les Roches Global Hospitality Education

    6 Campuses​

    Spread across 4 countries​

    Top 5 World ranking​

    for academic reputation​

    CHF 170M in revenues​

    Top 3 employer reputation​


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