Visit to the Panhellenic Association of Captains E.N.

The training, very practical and full of seamanship “marathon” was completed in the Panhellenic Association of Masters EN. For the first time, college students visited the offices of the Union.

In the office where the meetings of the Board of Directors take place, the students were welcomed by the President of PEPEN, Capt. Manolis Tsikalakis and the General Secretary, Capt. Antonis Marinakis.

The President spoke to the students about the importance and significance of education, both naval and maritime. In fact, he stressed the great effort made by the Union for the part of the AEN Upgrade.

Afterwards, he analyzed some basics for students about their work environment tomorrow, citing examples from both seafaring and Greek shipping, and highlighted the potential of a young and educated graduate of a good institution, such as BCA, in the market work.

He also focused on the part of good office ship communication and more specifically on the holistic one

understanding on the part of the children, who will staff the offices, of the difficulties they experience, due to the nature of the profession the Officers on the ships. Throughout the discussion he answered the students’ questions.

The Secretary-General then took over the reins, analyzing a number of issues related to the day-to-day operation of a post office, as well as the difficulties faced by crews on these ships. He made special reference to the responsibilities of the Master. Finally, he answered a series of questions asked by the students, regarding the Operation of the coastal vessels and the duties of the Bridge Officers.

Before we left the Union, in the living room of the offices, we took the established “family” photo!


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