Vasilis Iliopoulos

Mr. Vasilis Iliopoulos has over 40 years of experience in the shipping   sector in  multinational environments (seafaring and shore management).Since May 2022, he has been appointed as a Chief Executive Officer at DP Marine  & Shipping Services and for 5 years he was a Chief Operating Officer at Elvictor Group. He also worked in senior positions as a Personal Representative of Capt. Panagiotis Tsakos, an Operations and Marine Manager, a  Safety, Quality and Environment Port Captain, an Operations and Claims Manager, a Navigation Officer and Vetting deputy Manager, as a Deputy DPA, a Safety, Quality and Environment Senior Port Captain, a Fleet Manager of four oil tanker and three dry cargo vessels, an Operations and Claims Manager, a Crew and Training Manager, a Marine Safety Operations Manager, a Vetting Manager, a Fleet Safety Manager and a Port Captain in many acknowledged shipping companies. He has sailed for over 20 years on ranks from   Apprentice to Master on Oil and Chemical Tankers, OBOs, Bulk Carriers and General Cargo Ships. Mr. Iliopoulos was a top graduate on all educational institutions per rank and was  awarded by the Hellenic Union of Captains (PEPEN).He is also a member of the Nautical Institute AFNI and of EBEN Europe (European Business  Ethics Network).


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