Pavlos Simotopoulos

He has been working for over 25 years in all the areas of a professional kitchen, in different culinary establishments in Greece and abroad. He has taken part in competitions and food excursion based in Greek gastronomy in Athens, Bangkok, Brussels and Bratislava. He attended a lot of seminars base on Food Safety and Professional Attitude in the United States for over two years during his work for big Hotel companies like Sofitel and Westin.

He is an Executive Chef for five-star hotels and has vast experience of hospitality management in the culinary field. He edits the menu for an advanced culinary cuisine in cooperation with two Michelin Star Restaurant based in Belgium.

He organized the practicals of Culinary Art module at Alpine Center for seven years and was responsible for the culinary operation of the College.

Having knowledge of kitchen organization, menu planning, and ISO certifications based on Food Safety and Hygiene, he has also worked as a consultant in Culinary establishments.


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