Dr. Mara Benadusi

Μrs Mara Benadusi has obtained Ph.D. in “Anthropology of Complex Societies”, University of Catania 1997. Her University degree focuses on Anthropology, Faculty of Humanities. She has issued various academic posts and national habilitations such as National Scientific Habilitation as Full Professor. In addition, she has issued various institutional posts such as the National Scientific Habilitation as Full Professor in M-DEA-01 / Demo-ethnoanthropological studies in 2018. She has also published  highly qualified evaluation posts in 2020 and 2018. She has participated in PHD teaching bodies  and she has been awarded internationally as recipient of the Mary Fran Myers Scholarship that every year awards outstanding researchers for their commitment to disaster studies and potential to make a lasting contribution to reducing disaster vulnerability. She has also made several publications the last years.


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