Dr Ioannis Neokosmidis

Dr Ioannis Neokosmidis has been working in the financial sector for the last eleven years, with a focus on Portfolio Management, Hedging, Quantitative Research and Analysis.

He has been a graduate of Newcastle University Upon Tyne UK since 2008, where he holds an MSc in International Economic and Finance. His work in the field of “Volatility Modeling” was awarded by Barclays the same year. In 2009 he was accepted by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki as a Candidate for Doctor of Finance, where he completed his obligations with a grade of “Excellent” and was awarded a Doctor of Finance in 2016.

During this period, Dr Ioannis Neokosmidis participated in a variety of academic conferences. In addition, he has coordinated research teams in the fields of “Asset Pricing” and “Risk Management”. He has published several scientific papers in these scientific fields, the latest of which, entitled “The Modified Dividend Price Ratio”, is published in one of the world-renowned scientific journals (IRFA) by Elsevier. This work has attracted the interest of America’s top Hedge Funds.

In 2013, Dr Ioannis Neokosmidis joined the Asset Management Department of Euroxx, where he took over the position of Head of Risk Management and PAM, contributing significantly to the company achieving its goals in terms of investment management and the development of investment products and hedging tools. In 2017 he took over the position of Head of Discretionary Management and in 2018 he was promoted to the position of Head of Portfolio Management.

In 2017 he served as an external Professor in the Department of Economics of the Department of Business Administration of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, carrying out independent teaching in the field of Financial Analysis. Since 2019 he has been teaching at BCA College. He is a holder of Portfolio Management certification by the Hellenic Capital Market Commission.


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