Dr. Eleonora Pappalardo

Dr Eleonora Pappalardo holds a PhD in Archaeology from the University of Turin, and an BA in Classics from the University of Catania. Since 2021, she has been an Associate Professor at the Department of Educational Sciences of the University of Catania. She has also worked as a researcher in Classical Archaeology at the University of Turin and the University of  Catania. Dr. Pappalardo, from 2020 until today, has been acting either as a representative of UNICT for the agreement of various projects aimed at the promotion and enhancement of specific tourist  territories or as a coordinator of several archaeological missions in Crete and in Sicily. She has also been an editor of several national and international journals and published a plethora of articles. Since 2020, she has been a member of the Advisory Board Member of the Centre of Studies for the Cretan Archaeology of the University of Catania, of the National Council of Classical Archaeology, of the Italian Society of the Tourism Science and of the Italian School of Archaeology of Athens. She has also won grants for research regarding the Aegean Prehistory.


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