Dr Konstantinidou

Dr Christina Konstantinidou

General Manager of BCA, Head of Hospitality & Tourism Programmes and Tutor

Dr. Christina Konstantinidou holds a DBA degree in Business Administration from Nottingham Trent University. She received an MBA degree with Distinction in Business Administration from Kingston University and a MA Degree in Adult Education from the Hellenic Open University.

Furthermore, she holds a BA Honours First Class in Business Management from Kingston University and a BH Honours First Class in Humanities in European Culture with a full scholarship from the Hellenic Open University.

She has long working experience in the hospitality industry. For 23 years she has worked as the General Manager of Porto Hydra Hotel (4stars, 300 rooms) with numerous awards and global distinctions. She also worked for 3 years as the General Manager of “Time Share Hellas S.A.” and contributed to the promotion of alternative tourism products / services. For 21 consecutive years, she was a member of the Board of Directors of Akti Plepi S.A. which contributed drastically to the development of the tourist development of the prefecture of Argolida and for 8 years the Managing Director of the company “Diachiristiki S.A.”.

Since 2017 she works for BCA College as a member of its academic faculty. In 2018 she took over the Management of the Hospitality & Tourism Management department of BCA, while since 2019 she has taken over the General Management of BCA College.

Regarding her teaching work, she has educational experience in the private sector, has been a keynote speaker at conferences and workshops of Greek and multinational companies and has collaborated educationally with the “University Degli Studio Guglielmo Marconi”. At the same time, she has volunteered her services as a mentor in actions related to Youth Empowered and Women Empowered under the organization of Coca Cola 3E and kariera.gr

She has published several articles in newspapers and magazines.

The focus of her interest is adult education, the new trends of blended learning as well as the tourist and hotel sector.

Publications - Articles

  • 1st Biannual International Conference, Strategic Developments in Service Marketing, Chios Island, Greece, September 27, 2007: “An Endeavour to Investigate the Actual Decision Making Process of Country House Purchasing at a Tourism Development Complex as well as the Potential Impact of the Existence of a Hotel on their Satisfaction and Value Proposition.”
  • European Business Review, September 2008: “Congress Tourism, a crucial part of the hospitality industry”.
  • Travel and Tourism Magazine, Tourism & Economy, October 2008: “Congress Tourism: An Important but -for the most part- Unexploited Tourist Product in Greece”.
  • Travel and Tourism Magazine, Tourism & Economy, January 2009: “Tourism and Real Estate: Friends or Enemies?”.
  • Travel and Tourism Magazine, Touristic Market, January 2009: “Congress Tourism”.
  • Ethnos Newspaper, September 2009: “The Profession of Facilitator and Animateur in the Hospitality Industry”.
  • European Business Review, October 2009: “Tourism in Crisis and its Continuous Developments”.
  • Travel and Tourism Magazine, Touristic Market, August 2019: “Education as a key factor in the improvement of the Greek tourism sector”.


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