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Executive Seminars & Workshops​

At BCA, the classroom is not where a student’s experience ends. It is where it starts. We attach great importance to the multi-faceted education of our students, even in areas that are not within their immediate professional interest but touch upon issues related to society, the environment, science, technology and culture and therefore concern their future role as academic citizens. 

BCA Live is the total of these events. It is often addressed to the general public, because we believe that an educational cell should be open to society and constantly interact with it. Speeches, meetings, seminars, workshops, webinars are elements of life in the BCA and structural parts of its function as a university. 

Νέα & Εκδηλώσεις

Seminars / Workshops​

During the academic year, BCA organizes seminars for its students and graduates with the aim of providing specialized knowledge by its professors as well as by renowned professionals in various fields. 

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Speeches / Conferences 

BCA College students have the opportunity to attend frequently lectures delivered by business or market executives, distinguished in business-related disciplines, who, by analyzing specific topics, pass on their experience and knowledge. Students can ask questions and participate in the discussions that follow.

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Guest Lecturers

The lectures of the Visiting Speakers are a very useful tool of the educational process, as the scientific knowledge is combined with successful professional practice and our students have a firsthand view of their future career field. 

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