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Academic Support Services Department


BCA provides all its students with personal academic support, throughout their studies, through the institution of a personal academic advisor.

The academic advisor:

  • Informs and explains to the student the requirements of the curriculum as well as the academic regulations and procedures.
  • Helps uncertain students choose the appropriate curriculum that suits their abilities and aspirations.
  • Facilitates the change of mentality from secondary to tertiary education.
  • Monitors students’ progress and helps them maximize the learning benefits of the curriculum.
  • Encourages students to set ambitious personal, academic and professional goals and guides them towards their achievement.

Academic advisors are always available to handle any academic or personal matter of the student in need of settlement. Students can contact their advisors by phone and email or one-on-one in a scheduled session.

Student Academic Support

BCA, in order to respond to the current and future demands of the global labor market, has not only embedded these required skills in its programs of study but has also created “The Student Academic Support Services Department” to offer additional support to its students. More specifically, the Student Academic Support Services Department provides guidance and support to BCA students in matters such as:

  • The structure and form of academic assignments
  • Presentation skills
  • Data collection methods and tools for research
  • The development of good time management skills
  • Techniques for successful performance in exams
  • Stress management
  • The use of the Harvard referencing system
  • Problem-solving strategies
  • Decision-making skills
  • Self-awareness enhancement
  • Team-building skills

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