Maritime Technology

This module provides students with an all-round practical insight to Maritime Technology and knowledge for working within a systems engineering context as well as on the levels of assurance required for safety and environmental protection aspects of technological development.

This course addresses post graduate students in Shipping, and deck officers who would like to enrich their knowledge and stay abreast of the latest developments in the maritime Industry.

Main topics to be dealt with are all issues with a decisive impact in shipping. The technology system ship is focused, giving emphasis to an overview of state-of-the-art technologies, but also looking what the future will bring. 

  1. Introduction, Ship Terminology, Compartmentation, Types
  2. Current and Future Ship Propulsion
  3. Main Auxiliary Machinery
  4. Energy Efficiency
  5. Emission Reduction Technologies in Diesel Engines
  6. Maintenance of Ship and Equipment
  7. Climate Change and Emission Legislation
  8. Marine Electrotechnology
  9. Safety and Security
  10. Environmental Protection Technologies & Ship Operations
  11. Advanced Evacuation Technologies for Large Cruise Vessels
  12. Digital Technologies in Shipping

Above twelve units are reflecting the big challenges our society in general but more precisely shipping is facing Our profession like plenty others are in a phase of change and technology is here to offer solutions to those who possess the knowledge and can apply it clever.

Safety, environmental protection, and digitalization are the drivers of our society and economy and have also found their way into the shipping industry. A traditional sector due to its nature, must rethink and adapt quickly to this new world and the best way to achieve this goal, is through education.

Finally, the corona virus outbreak had tremendous consequences on shipping operations and education. Companies and ships were forced to apply virtual reality where possible, crew changes were practically stopped, and transportation demand decreased rapidly. As to education the theoretical part continued somehow through internet sessions, the practical part however which is vital for our profession had to face.


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