Maritime Economics, Logistics and Operations

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The module starts with the definition and main aspects of Maritime Logistics as a main and critical part of global Supply Chains. The relationship between ocean shipping and trade is provided, by examining to what extent shipping is a facilitator to trade. The mechanism of international trade is described, as well as the specific role of shipping within this mechanism. The development process of international maritime trade and logistics is discussed while highlighting the importance of links and networks in facilitating international trade by carriers. The difference between maritime logistics and maritime transportation is discussed emphasizing the importance of the managerial function in maritime logistics management. Basic knowledge in shipping is provided, in order students to acquire an integrated perception. Students learn about the differences between intermodal and multimodal transportation, as well as the fundamental shipping markets. They study the different aspects of shipping operations in logistics, as well as some chartering agreements. The module covers Incoterms (International Commercial Terms), the set of internationally recognized rules that define the responsibilities of sellers and buyers. Furthermore, students will understand the main Maritime Logistics Operations, including markets, lines, and shipping. Emphasis is given in understanding Container Maritime Transport and its operations and performance.  Then it focuses on the basic principles and practical applications of Maritime Economics affecting Logistics, as well as on basic principles and tools of Data Analytics used in Maritime Logistics. Finally, the module will urge students to familiarize themselves with the   subject using practical exercises and applications of the knowledge they received. 


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