Management of Food & Beverage

Essentials in Food and Beverages

Significant sector’s insights will be offered by a team of experts in F&B Operations Management, Culinary science and HACCP regarding the F&B Operations Planning, Organizing, Management and Control.

The tutors’ team will offer first-hand experience and up to date real world application of examples, techniques and procedures that will help students gain deeper understanding of the F&B Operations fundamental principles taught during the first three semesters.

Students will be also enhanced to understand and explain the strategies and techniques behind an F&B Outlet overall concept and will get prepared to meet demands of next academic year’s challenges.

Lastly, students successfully completing the module will have demonstrated the ability to interpret both qualitative & quantitative data in order to develop sound industry’s perception in accordance with the theory and concepts taught during the semester.


  • Four Competitive Advantage Strategies & the Value Chain Analysis tool
  • Food and Beverage Competition Analysis – SWOT
  • F&B Concept Development
  • Food & Beverage Menus Engineering
  • Food & Beverage Control (Market Research, Purchasing & Receiving Control, Storing & Issuing Control, Inventory)
  • Optimizing Financial Statements – Revenue Management & Cost Control
  • How Marketing Works in the F&B Sector – Generating Engagement & Brand Awareness in Digital & Social Media Environment
  • Human Resources Management in F&B Operations
  • Evaluating IT contribution in F&B day-to-day Operations (POS, Warehouse Management, Reservations Management, QR Codes, Performance Management Software & Reviews)
  • Innovative Product Development
  • Leadership VS Management

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