Financial Management in Shipping

The module provides students the knowledge on topics regarding the financial policy of shipping companies with emphasis on investment programmes, capital structure, cost of capital and pay out policy. Furthermore, it focuses on topics such as: leasing, financing expansion, collaterals used in finance, cash flow analysis, syndicated loans, project finance for new ships, financing new ships – commercial funds, financing second – hand vessels and conversions, financial appraisal of new projects, the importance and the role of using foreign currencies.

Additionally, it analyses the capital markets, the equity (ipo’s) and debt finance. Furthermore, modern types and methods of financing shipping companies (e.g. Islamic Finance) are discussed and assessed. Moreover, students acquire deeper understanding in techniques and products used by companies dealing with maritime business sector, so that they can reduce the risk bearing by engaging the maritime business sector such as: derivative products, hedging, mergers and acquisitions of shipping companies.

The nature of the risk in shipping industry is also identified and analysed, along with the significance of financial risk management including the following: freight rate risk, ships value at risk, bunker price risk, interest rate risk and exchange rate risk.


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