Consumer Psychology and Buyer Behaviour

Principles of Marketing

This module introduces consumer behaviour as a key element of marketing theory and practice based on the contemporary consumer. It describes the consumer decision-making process and the various factors that affect each of the stages included in this process; an additional emphasis is given to information acquisition and processing, and the evaluation of products and services. The module also focuses on various factors that affect consumer behaviour such as perception (perception process, perceptual mapping, and the link between perception and marketing strategy), memory, involvement (determinants and consequences of involvement on marketing tactics and strategy, different levels of involvement and involvement measurement), attitudes (formulation, measurement and change), and personality, emotions and mood. An emphasis is also given to cultural influences and social influences in terms of group dynamics and opinion leadership. Furthermore, the module addresses consumer demographics and psychographics on the basis of segmentation, targeting and positioning strategies. Finally, it provides an insight into consumer behaviour qualitative and quantitative research methods.


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