Coastal Zone Management

This module analyses the sea hazards that could affect the maritime business sector. Case studies on specific topics such as navigation and safety, weather, high risk environment and shipping casualties are examined. Students acquire knowledge on the importance of the health of the ocean (waste disposal, oil pollution, sources of marine pollution, environmental management) by discussing and analysing case studies, of the mineral resources (oil and gas basins and production, seabed minerals, renewable energy from the oceans) and of biological resources (traditional fisheries, world fishing industry and production, farming the sea). It is also explained and analysed the strategic use of the sea (sea power of major states, naval operations, maritime disputes, gunboat diplomacy). The maritime research on topics dealing with marine science and technology, undersea archaeology, space technology and the oceans – submarine cables, is discussed and assessed. Students also get familiarised with the marine resources management, focusing on topics such as politics and planning of the coastal zone, coastal settlement, conservation of species and habitats, conservation of special areas, recreational sea use. Moreover, the management task, regarding problems of multiple sea use, conflicts between coastal uses, coastal decision making system and integrated coastal management programs, is developed along with port development and location, ships and cargoes and commodity flows. Finally, this module includes the development and the analysis of the law of sea, including topics that have to do with maritime jurisdictional zones and European seas.


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