Educational Visit to the Grand Hyatt Hotel by the students of the Hotel & Tourism Department

visit hyatt

On Friday, December 7, 2018, the first-year and second-year students of the Hotel & Tourism Management Department of BCA had the opportunity to be guided and get to know all the areas of the 5-star Grand Hyatt Athens Hotel.

Grand Hyatt Athens, part of the business, social and cultural life of the city, has 305 spacious rooms, a large number of equipped conference and event rooms, as well as a number of facilities and services.

BCA students visited the Front of the House of Hyatt: all floors and hotel room types. Thus they were given the opportunity to understand the differences that exist between the types of rooms, the amenities offered to each and the pricing policy of each category.

The students toured the complex’s food areas, the Conference Facilities, the Hyatt Business Center and chatted with executives from the various departments of the hotel complex.

They were guided to the Back of the House of Hyatt: in the area of ​​Kitchen, Housekeeping, Laundry, etc. and were informed of all the procedures followed in a hotel of this category.

The visit to this hotel complex is part of an extensive program of educational visits of our students, which aims to acquaint them with the best hotels in our country and to understand the special features of hotel services.


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