BCA Career Fair 2020

Celebration of Entrepreneurship “BCA Career Fair 2020”

Every year, the “BCA Career Fair” event proves to be the central meeting point of companies with their executives of tomorrow. “Tomorrow” is also used in its literal sense, as dozens of collaborations “closed” between BCA graduates and companies and many began their professional careers the next day.

BCA, the first business college in the country that, for almost half a century, connects studies with the market, addressed the most important Greek companies

to participate in the “BCA Career Fair 2020”. The response was fierce and massive. The meetings concerning the hotel sector were attended by 40 chains that manage more than 300 hotels. In Business, Shipping, Marketing and Business Psychology, 50 of the largest companies in the market were represented by senior executives (general managers, marketing managers, human resources managers) who met with the candidates and discussed with them.


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