Students of the BCA Hospitality & Tourism Department during their visit to historic Zonars. The beginning of a promising collaboration.

The beginning of a very promising collaboration was marked by the visit of the department Hospitality & BCA Tourism Department at the historic Zonars of Panas Sophisticated Hospitality, on November 14, 2018.

Hospitality & BCA Tourism Department combines a long educational experience and its valuable connections with the hotel elite of our country, with a modern educational approach, collaborating with innovative companies in the tourism market. The main partner in this project is the company Panas Sophisticated Hospitality which for the last 25 years manages some of the most important and most popular Restaurants and Bars in our country and marks the trends and the style of entertainment and hospitality in Greece.

The company Panas Sophisticated Hospitality contributes, with its know-how and human resources, to the practical part of the education of the students of Hospitality & BCA Tourism Department. The visit of the freshmen on November 14, 2018 at Zonars excited the students who had the unique opportunity to explore not only the part of Zonars that is visible to all visitors, namely the Front of the House, but also the multifaceted part of the Back of the House.

The students talked to Maître, the Chef and Pastry Chef of the restaurant, as well as a large part of the company staff, realizing the important role of support centers in the success of a business.

Zonars, which is considered the most historic hangout in Athens and has always been the meeting point of intellectuals, politicians and artists, in partnership with BCA acquires a further status: the co-shaper of the future leadership of our country’s tourism industry.

The BCA students and the head of the Hospitality Department of BCA, Dr. Christina Konstantinidou, thank the administration and the staff of Panas Sophisticated Hospitality: Mr. Spyros Panas, Mr. Nikos Kasidokostas, Ms. Konstantinidis and Mr. Karanikolidakis the tour, the hospitality and the very comprehensive instructions and advice they gave to our students.


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