BCA Hospitality & Tourism Department students during their study visit to the Hilton

On Friday, November 16, 2018, the first-year students of Hospitality & BCA Tourism Department had the opportunity to tour and get to know all the places of the legendary Hilton Athens awarded for the 4th consecutive year as the top business hotel in Greece in the European final of the prestigious World Travel Awards 2018 .

The Hilton Athens, which is an integral part of the business, social and cultural life of the city, has 506 spacious rooms, including 34 suites, 23 well-equipped conference and event rooms, as well as a number of facilities and services.

BCA students had the opportunity to visit different floors and rooms of the hotel, to understand the importance of the Executive Lounge and Executive Floors, to tour the food areas of the complex (Byzantine, Galaxy Bar, etc.), to be guided to the conference rooms and at the Hilton Business Center,

to see the Spa of the complex, to be informed about the possibility of Express Check-Out of the hotel and to talk with executives of the different departments of the hotel complex.

The visit to this hotel complex is part of an extensive program of educational visits of our students that aims to get acquainted with the best hotels in our country, to understand the special features of hotel services and their importance, as well as a more practical educational approach.

Both the freshmen of BCA and Dr. Christina Konstantinidou would like to warmly thank Mr. Thanasis Passas, Ms. Dimitra Lambropoulou, Ms. Nadia Chronopoulou as well as all the staff of Hilton for the warm hospitality and the wonderful tour that offered us.


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