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Athens Tech College

Athens Tech College is the first educational institution in Greece that specialises in computer science and ICT studies. ATH/TECH offers courses designed to educate professionals who are interested in technology and entrepreneurship and want to thrive in the current and future employment arena.

Athens Tech College was created thanks to the successful collaboration of BCA College, the first Greek college in management studies, Intracom Holdings, a multinational company that is involved in computing, gaming and constructions, and 24MEDIA group, Greece’s most successful digital media company.

Having significant experience in the industry of new technologies, education and communications has shaped ATH/TECH’s philosophy. The college offers top of the line education, immediate networking for its students and continuous support for its alumni. BCA students have the opportunity to attend seminars on technology related to the subject of their studies and in case they want to obtain another degree in technology they can study at Athens Tech College on preferential terms.

Below are the programmes of study offered by Athens Tech College

  • Computer Science
  • Business Informatics
  • Internet Computing
  • MSc Management of Business, Innovation & Technology
  • Advanced Software Engineering (Web & Mobile Applications, Data Analytics, Data Networks, Information Security)
  • MSc in Computing

There are also seminars for professionals, interdisciplinary courses in technology and management, special courses in programming languages and summer courses for young people aged 14-17.


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