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Announcement regarding the government's decision to close educational institutions

The coronavirus is spreading and the Ministry has decided the suspension of classes at all schools and Universities for preventive reasons. But BCA is not going to close! We have been using, for several years now, a revolutionary method of conveying knowledge: e-learning. Now that the Ministry of Health has suspended all classes, both our instructors and students will be at home but they will still be working together through the special electronic platform, BCA ilearn. This is not, however,  a new platform as our students have been using it on a daily basis for years, to download lecture notes, to submit their assignments and to access the electronic platforms of the British University we collaborate with.

For those classes requiring additional physical attendance, the college will extend the semester after the expiry of the emergency measures and the examination period will be redefined.  

Additionally, all field trips and educational visits have been suspended until later announcement.

BCA College, the first college in Greece which has integrated IT in its operational and educational functions for almost 50 years, continues to be at the forefront of technology. E-learning, which we use at undergraduate and postgraduate level, is not just a shield against coronavirus. This is how people will learn in the future and BCA has been using it for years.