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There are not many areas in which Greece can be compared to Switzerland. One of them is the quality of BCA College's hotel-based education. This was the "verdict" of the executives of the world-leading  Swiss University schools Glion and Les Roches (both of which are among the five best in the world) after visiting the 4,400 square BCA College's new campus in Ambelokipi, Athens - Greece (Leoforos  Alexandras 205). The visit was in the framework of the educational meetings and exchanges provided by the recent cooperation agreement between the two Swiss University Schools and BCA College. At a festive event at the college amphitheater attended by hundreds of students, the Regional Director Southern Europe & MENA of Les Roches and Glion, Ms. Vana Saade presented the trends and prospects of the hotel sector in Europe and the world. She outlined their programmes of studies and discussed with BCA College hotel students the secrets of a successful career in a highly competitive but extremely interesting and promising field. Mrs Saade stressed that interest in high-quality tourism services has grown swiftly and we have now passed into the era of the overall management of the "tourist experience" of the customer.

The programmes presentation of the famous Swiss schools was attended by Leandros Pembos, Regional Manager - Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Egypt and Ms Dafni Kaloudis, educational Counselor, Spain. They shared with the audience their experiences as former students and now members of the Swiss Schools. They highlighted the international recognition of the university degree awarded by Glion and Les Roches, which immediately provides graduates with sought after jobs.

The collaboration between BCA College, Glion and Les Roches opens new prospects for hotel students in Greece. They will now have the alternative to complete their final year of study in Switzerland, with a privileged discount on tuition fees for Glion and Les Roches. BCA College students during their studies will have the opportunity to go to Switzerl for a "semester abroad" at any time. Everyone is awarded a degree by Glion or Les Roches University School. Moreover, students will have the opportunity to participate in the process of global professional promotion of graduates of the two Universities. In addition, BCA College will offer exclusively to Greece and Cyprus, three Glion and Les Roches seminars for executives and professionals. These are the “Ownership Transition”, “Human Resources Management” from November 2019 and “F & B Management” in early 2020s.