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BCA and Setel Hellas partner for e-learning on board!

About SetelHellas:

Formed in 2007, SetelHellas was one of the pioneers in the on-board ICT infrastructure. Today is a global provider of Innovative Digital Solutions aimed at optimizing vessel’s performance and operational efficiency.

The company and its partners, have provided valuable product and services to ship owners and operators by delivering strong collaborative ship to shore and shore to ship digital infrastructure and seamless connectivity.

Combined with the power of the cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) technology, the SetelHellas’ Open IoT platform promises to become the one-stop-shop source for connected vessels, aims to benefit from a new kind of processing that will be necessary to extract meaning from on-board readings in real-time.

Our Award-winning product and SetelHellas’ installed base, constitute the ultimate proof of success and excellence in providing holistic and efficient Maritime Solutions for an efficient, safe and eco-friendly ship.