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BCA receives the Sustainable, Innovative and Responsible Entrepreneurship Award

On Wednesday, the 30th of November , the Athens Chamber of Commerece (EU) hosted the "Sustainable, Innovative and Responsible Entrepreneurship” Awards.

Present at the event were several Ministers, Member of Parliament, Chamber Presidents and many other respected individuals  of the country’s business world.

BCA College, was the only representative of the educational-academic community being awarded amongst many companies.

On behalf of BCA Mr. Harris Daskalakis, Executive Director of the College received the award from Ms. Dora Bakoyannis.

Upon receiving the award, after expressing his gratitude Mr. Harris Daskalakis, mentioned that BCA has been operating sustainably for over 45 years throughout which the college has implemented innovation through various educational methods - including offering the only  e-learning MSc Shipping programme globally; and doing so with a strong sense of responsibility towards its students .

Ms. Bakoyannis congratulated BCA and stated that the college is one of the most reliable private academic institutions, which has contributed greatly to Greek education.